Safety Tips

Things to keep in mind while dating, online or offline using meld.

5/15/20232 min read

Online Safety

• Never transfer money or share your financial information

No matter how urgently the other person needs the money, do not transfer. If the other person asks for money, report to us.

• Do not share personal details

Never share your personal details like your home/work address, your phone number or any personal information with people you don’t know, or have matched recently.

• Communicate through the app only

While trying to know more about the other person, keep your conversation on the Meld app only. Meld app ensures that your sensitive information like your mobile number/social media remains protected. People with ill intent try to move the conversation to other platforms.

• Report any suspicious behaviour

Your gut is always right, if you feel that someone is suspicious or they have crossed a line, do block and report.

Examples of suspicious behaviour are:

When someone asks for monetary help

When the other person requests your lewd photos or sends any lewd photo/gif without consent

When the other person is a minor

When the other person seems to have made a fake profile

When someone tries to harass/threaten you

When the other person shares inappropriate links or tries to sell products or services

Meeting in person

• Take your time

Do not rush into meeting someone in real life. Take your time to know more about the other person before meeting. If you aren’t 100% convinced or find something suspicious, do not agree to meet.

• Meet in a public place

For the first few times, meet in crowded/public places. Avoid meeting in isolated places until you know the other person thoroughly.

• Arrange your transport

Do not rely on the other person for transportation. Your own transportation would keep your home/work address private. Also, you’ll be able to leave whenever you feel like it.

• Share your plans with a friend

Share the details of the person you’re going to meet, and where and when you will meet with a friend/family. It may also be helpful if you ask your friend to take an update during your meetup.

• Listen to your gut

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it is totally fine to leave early. In case you’re feeling unsafe you can ask the server or the restaurant management for help.

Things to keep in mind while drinking:
• If you are drinking, be alert and keep an eye on your drink.
• If you are drinking/doing anything else that impairs your judgment, do it within your comfortable limits.